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Michael J. Devine & Associates was conceived and started by Michael and Rosalie Devine in 1983 with the passion and vision of providing the airline, cruiseline, and duty free markets with a higher quality selection of wines coupled with the best possible pricing available along with the best possible customer service.

As the airline, cruiseline, and duty free markets were experiencing growth in the 80's and 90's, MJDA grew right along with these markets as did the company's portfolio of fine wines to offer. Subsequently, the world wine business was growing along with quality and most importantly, overall consumption. We are proud to say that MJDA has the largest selection of wines to offer from all major wine producing regions in the world. We have wines available in all shapes, sizes, and packages to fit any class of service and all needs.

Today, with our focused expertise in wine, coupled with our expert knowledge in distribution, shipping, and logistics (both for tax-paid and in-bond), MJDA has earned itself excellent reputations and relationships with customers and suppliers as well. Our large portfolio of wines to offer our customers lends us access to the most objective wines available (in both quantity and quality) at the BEST possible prices.

We have offices based in the Los Angeles area as well as South Florida.